How deep should you bury your mortars?

If the show is lit by hand, mortars must be buried at least two-thirds to three-quarters their length. The remaining exposed portion should be sandbagged on the display operator side. If the show is electronically fired, mortars do not have to be buried.

How close together should your mortars be?

The distance between mortars should be equal to the mortar diameter. Like mortars should be grouped together. Don’t intermix calibers when burying. Keep the calibers separated.

How long can you leave mortars in the ground?

To prevent mortar failure or shell malfunctions due to water damage, mortars (especially paper) should be installed the day of the show and should be pulled from the ground immediately following the show. If the ground is wet or damp, mortars should be in bags before burial.

Take care of your mortars.

Before each show, inspect your mortars for loose plugs, dents, water damage and make sure the interiors are smooth and clean. If you fail to remove debris that can build up in your mortars, you’ll start getting low breaks. Always keep your mortars clean, dry, and covered.

Best to have 2 firing sites:

While you are firing one location, the other can be reloaded. Split up your mortars into two groups and setup two firing locations 50′ to 75′ from each other. The Grand Finale should be 100′ (or more) from the Aerial Program and be up wind from the Aerial Program.