A Government Entity includes any local, county, state, or federal government entity/agency and all subdivisions thereof. Must have a valid T.I.N. number and payment must come directly from that government entity. An ATF Explosive License or Permit is NOT required. Only a Customer Information form is needed. This is the only document we need from you. Government Entities are exempt from all ATF regulations (except requirements pertaining to the storage of fireworks).

Examples of Government Entities:

1. Local – City of Laurel, Laurel Fire Department, Red Lodge Public Schools
2. County – Yellowstone County Fairgrounds, Carbon County Fire Department
3. State – Montana State University, Montana Department of Commerce
4. Federal – Native American Tribes

These examples are fairly obvious, but some less obvious are a sewer or water district. These too are government entities. Almost anything funded with public money is a government entity. Even though some volunteer fire departments may not be publicly funded, they too are considered by ATF to be a government entity.

Government Entity Instructions

Customer Information Form
For government entities, this is the only document Big Boomer Fireworks needs. This must be filled out completely – including T.I.N. (Federal ID #).